How Likely You Are to Win Certain Bets in Roulette

Online casino players who like to play roulette often discuss three different things when it comes to this popular game: bet payout, bet probability, and house edge.

Bet payout tells you how much money you’ll get when you make a certain bet. For example, the bet payout for a straight bet is 35/1, meaning you’ll receive 35x of your bet if you win it.

The other important thing is the house edge, which basically tells you how much money online roulette will take over a longer period of time. For instance, the house edge for European roulette is 2.70%, which means that it will probably take approximately $2.70 for Every $100 you bet.

In this article, however, we’re going to review roulette bet probability. The lower the probability, the higher the payout, so the bet with the lowest probability is the straight one, which comes with a 2.70% probability for European roulette and 2.63% for the American version.

The split bet has the probability of 5.41% for European and 5.26% for American roulette, and that’s even higher for a street bet — 8.11% for European and 7.89% for American.

Many people like making the square or corner bet, which comes with the bet probability of 10.81% for European and 10.53% for American.

The American also features the five-line bet that you can make with both zero pockets, and it features the bet probability of 13.16%.

The next popular one is the six-line bet which comes with the bet probability of 16.2% for European and 15.79% for American roulette.

When it comes to outside bets, column and dozen wagers both have the bet probability of 32.4% (European) and 31.58% (American).

The three most popular outside bets are red/black, odd/even, and high/low. All of them are basically the same, so they also have the same bet probability, which is 48.64% for the European version of roulette and 46.37% for its American counterpart.

As you can see, European roulette has a slightly better bet probability simply because it has just one zero pocket, which makes all the difference.

Still, roulette is a game of chance, meaning that bet probability doesn’t have to affect you that much if you’re having a bad session. If you want to try this game, make sure to learn how to play roulette first.

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