Split Bets in Roulette Explained – How to Place Them?

There are many bets you can make when playing roulette. That’s actually all the beauty of this game, as players have plenty of choices. The basic bet you can make is by placing your chips on a single number, and this is usually called a straight bet, which we covered in one of our previous articles.

A split bet is also an inside type of bet. Inside bets are the ones that are placed on numbers rather than “outside” options such as odd/even, red/black, and more. So, what exactly is a split bet?

It’s placing a chip between two numbers, meaning you’ll betting half of it on one and the other half on the other number. You can look at it from a different perspective — you’ll bet the full amount, but the payout will be only 17:1 as compared to 35:1 that’s usually the case with single-number bets (straight bets).  

Whenever we review roulette bets, we ask the following thing — can this bet improve your chances of winning? We also have to answer it right away — no, it cannot. It’s just another interesting way to make a bet, but roulette is a game of chance rather than a game of skill, so you’ll have to take the element of luck into account.

How Does a Split Bet Work in Practice?

Imagine having a chip worth $50 and placing it on a line between a seven and an eight. If the ball lands on either of these two numbers, you’ll receive the prize that’s 17x bigger than your betting amount, which is $850.

The thing with split bets is that they can be placed on any line. For example, four is on top of seven, and ten is below it. Therefore, you can make a split bet on four and seven or ten or seven. Some of the numbers are surrounded by four other numbers, and placing a chip on a line between any of two numbers will make a split bet.

So far, we covered straight and split inside bets, and we’ll continue to cover other interesting bets you can make in roulette that make the game so popular and loved by casino players.

However, to place bets properly, you need to learn how to play roulette, so feel free to explore our special page dedicated to it. You’ll be able to learn some of the basics and start your online roulette journey right away. 

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