What is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

James Bond, one of the most popular movie heroes of all time, used a roulette strategy in one of the movies, which was derived by one of his associates. In the movie, this betting method works flawlessly. Although it’s very fun to use it in real life, it’s actually not as effective in the movie.

First of all, you need to choose an appropriate roulette game. Make sure to check the sites that review roulette, and learn more about the ones you want to play.

Once you have selected the roulette game of your choice, you are ready to apply this betting system. You need a total of $200 per bet (it could also be $20 or $2,000 — it’s important how you distribute it).

The biggest share of your bet needs to be on high numbers, meaning that you need to distribute them to numbers 19-36. Moreover, $50 will go to numbers 13-18, and finally, you need to put $10 on zero, which is a sort of insurance bet that you need to make.

Once the results are in, you will have one of the possible outcomes.

If the ball drops on one of the high numbers, you will get a profit of $80 for that round. If the ball hits 13-18, your profit will be $100. Finally, if the ball hits zero, you will get a total of $160 as a profit.

The only time you lose is if the ball lands on numbers 1 to 12.

However, you need to take into account that this is not a progressive betting strategy. In other words, you do not have to increase or decrease your betting amount based on the outcome, such as the case with martingale or d’Alembert betting strategies.

Therefore, all you have to do is place the same amount on the same numbers and hope for the best outcome.

A Fun Strategy

Although this approach does decrease the element of luck a bit, it is not what James Bond claims it is. However, you can have fun by playing roulette with this betting strategy for some time.

Once you get bored with it, you can always check some of the progressive betting strategies, which are definitely more exciting than the James Bond one.

But before you begin exploring various betting systems, make sure to check out the best roulette online casinos out there, which can help you improve your overall experience with great bonus offers and a great selection of roulette and live roulette games.

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