Staking Plans for Roulette and Online Casinos

Staking plans help a player decide what to bet on each roll of the dice, each match when it comes to sports betting or each spin of the wheel when it comes to roulette. Many casual players simply follow their gut, allowing a “good feeling” or simply Lady Luck decide how much they are prepared to risk with each bet. However, a staking plan brings method and logic to the table and here we look at three different types of staking plan you can use whilst playing online roulette.

First off, negative progression staking plans work by increasing the stake following a losing bet. The theory is that by doing this you are able to recoup losses more easily. The most well-known negative progression system is the infamous Martingale system, which doubles your base stake after a losing spin, the theory being that when you eventually do hit a win you will always end up in profit. Negative progression systems are dangerous, however, because they force you to bet the most when you have the least cash and, for those that believe in luck, skill or table bias, when things are going against you.

The opposite system is a positive progression, whereby the player increases their stake when they are winning. This type of online roulette staking plan is designed to hit the casino when luck is with the player, can lead to some big wins and also has some degree of logic in that stakes increase at a time when bankroll has also increased.

The final option is a flat stakes staking plan, whereby you simply decide on an amount and bet that on every spin no matter what. This is probably the best option for a recreational player wanting to ensure decent table time, as they can divide their bankroll by a given number of spins and thus ensure that no matter what, even if they loss every single spin, they will still be in the casino having fun for x amount of time. The downside with flat stakes is that when you’re doing well, you end up betting a small amount, proportionate to bankroll, whilst when losing your stake increases relative to your remaining funds.

Ultimately, however, a staking plan cannot guarantee profit. If your betting system is profitable it can help you maximize your wins whilst limiting the negative impact of variance but given online roulette has an in-built house edge all a staking plan can really do is alter how quickly you win or lose.

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