Latest Roulette News From Around the World

Roulette is played and loved the world over and here we take a look at some stories from the newsstands around the globe concerning the great game.

Woman Leaves Child to Play Roulette

We love a game of roulette as much as the next man – or woman – but leaving your child unattended whilst you go to play a few spins is certainly taking things a little too far. A woman left her child, aged just three, alone in the car for around 25 minutes whilst she played roulette in a Baltimore casino. The 25-year-old mother claimed “she needed money” but the courts are sure to punish the woman for an incident that could so easily have ended badly. The casino claims they have a zero tolerance approach to such behavior and have banned the woman from all their casinos.

We chalk this one up as yet another reason to play roulette online, or even via your mobile (though not when supervising children!).

Is Roulette Coming to Tennessee?

Nashville could be the latest place in the USA to play a bit of roulette, a few hands of blackjack or perhaps some slots, after a Democrat Representative sought an amendment to the state constitution to allow gambling in the city. There is a long way to go before we see roulette wheels competing with country music in Nashville but the idea of the move is to generate further state income for education. Watch this space…but until then, get your roulette thrills online!

Even Satan Loves Roulette

Roulette has often been called the devil’s game, with the fact that all the numbers on the roulette wheel total 666 adding to the myth that the game was revealed to a Frenchman by Satan himself. A casino in Milton Keynes, England, has played an April Fool’s Day prank that saw the devil himself, resplendent in red outfit and horns, visit the casino as part of a promotion.

The Prince of Darkness was promoting The Casino MK’s 666 offer, which gives customers the chance to win up to £6,666 if three sixes in a row land at their table, whilst other freebies were also given away. The offer, naturally enough, has created some controversy, especially given it has coincided with Easter and the jackpot is, as yet, waiting to be claimed!

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