Wheel Bias in Roulette

The concept of wheel bias has existed for a long time in roulette and in very simple terms it means that the wheel isn’t random, as it clearly should be. Instead of every number having an equal chance of coming up, for whatever reason, so the theory goes, a particular number or group of numbers is more likely to come up than the rest. If you can find a roulette wheel that is, indeed, biased, then you can cash in because by betting on the numbers that have a greater chance of “hitting” you can overcome the house edge and put the game in your favor.

In the early days of roulette the wheel could be biased due to imperfect manufacture and a lack of precision. However, in truth, those days are behind us and now any modern casino is almost certain to have an unbiased and totally random roulette wheel. Of course, playing online is different entirely as roulette is then based on Random Number Generators (RNG) rather than a real wheel, but more of that later.

In the early days of roulette a wheel may have been intentionally biased, the casino aiming to defraud customers either by creating a wheel that favored unpopular bets or by being able to manipulate the wheel on any given spin in order to avoid losing a particularly big bet. Thankfully those days are also behind us and now it is more likely that a customer will try to spot and/or create a biased wheel.

There has been much talk of devices being able to magnetically control or influence the ball and/or the wheel and equally of croupiers being able to deliberately pick out certain sections of the wheel by their throw and spin. However, vast research and statistical evidence suggests that any of these possibilities are highly, highly unlikely and, in the case of croupier manipulation, almost certainly impossible.

Online Roulette

Of course, most people now play roulette online and again there is a wealth of proof that shows that RNG roulette wheels are indeed random. In truth, they may not be entirely random but any pattern produced would be over such a large number of spins as to be, for all practical purposes, random.

What this all means, of course, is that those looking to profit from playing roulette either online of offline cannot gain from a biased wheel. Lady Luck, not the lady spinning the wheel, is who you need on your side!

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