Biggest Roulette Wins Ever

Sometimes the casino Gods are clearly not on your side and luck just isn’t running with you and at times like that it can be hard to remember that winning in the casino is even possible. Fear not, we’re here to remind you that playing roulette, as well as being exciting, glamorous and fun, can also leave you in the money… big time. Here we take a look at some of the biggest roulette wins ever, so if your motivation and morale are down, read on to get your mojo back!

One of the most daring bets ever was made by an Englishman in one of the most famous roulette stories in recent times. Ashley Revell decided to sell everything he owned, from his car to his house, his clothes… everything. Then, in 2004 he travelled to Vegas and, more specifically, the Plaza Hotel and Casino, where he placed $135,000 on red! You can see the remarkable footage below…

Of course, far bigger amounts have been bet and won but in terms of what was at stake this is one of the gutsiest bets ever made on roulette, or anything else for that matter.

Another Englishman also made a huge win on roulette and whilst the £1.3m (just over $2m) that Mike Ashley (is there a thing about the name Ashley, English guys and monster roulette wins?!) walked away with dwarfs Revell’s $270,000, the fact that (Mike) Ashley is a billionaire and owner of English soccer team Newcastle United makes his bet not quite so bold.

Ashley wagered £480,000 in an exclusive London club, making a “complete” bet on his lucky number 17, covering every single bet with 17 as a win. Cool as a cucumber, and with typical British understatement, when 17 dropped in the Newcastle owner just said “That’ll do me, thanks very much!”

The final huge casino win we look at here wasn’t actually on roulette but if your roulette luck really has left you, why not try a progressive slot? The sums you can win on these interlinked games make the two wins above look like nickels and dimes! In 2013 an anonymous player from Finland won an incredible $23m playing the aptly named Mega Fortune slot. Not bad from a 30c spin!

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