Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer casino games are a relatively recent invention, although having been around for five years or so, perhaps not as recent as some would think. The reasons they have really increased in popularity over the past couple of years are the improvements in internet technology, better connection speeds and reliability and enhancements in the software necessary to facilitate them. More and more people are playing at live dealer casinos, including roulette, so what’s all the fuss about?

What is Live Dealer Roulette?

Most standard online games of roulette are not really roulette at all, in as much as no wheel is spun and no ball is bounced. Traditional online casino roulette is a computer program reflecting a Random Number Generator (RNG) and converting that into a representation of roulette.

In contrast, live dealer roulette involves a real wheel, a real ball and a genuine croupier (usually a very attractive one!). Footage is filmed in either a genuine real world casino, or sometimes a purpose-built studio and software responds to your bets and the actual spin of the wheel. Footage is transmitted totally live and everything, including interaction with the croupier, happens in real time.

What are the Benefits of Live Dealer Roulette?

Whilst we are certain that all the casinos we talk about are fully legitimate, safe and fair, some players – especially if they get stung by a bad run of luck – question the veracity of RNG games. Live dealer games avoid this doubt because you can actually see a genuine table, making them as safe and secure as any local or Vegas casino.

Another benefit is that many players enjoy the added realism offered by a live dealer casino, feeling it offers a more genuine and exciting experience than traditional online roulette.

Related to this is that the pace of the game is slower – more like a real casino – and this means you will enjoy longer at the table and limit big, fast losses that can easily occur on RNG games, especially where turbo mode is available.

Does Live Dealer Roulette Have any Disadvantages?

The only real disadvantage is also one of the advantages listed above – the speed of the game. For players that like their roulette to come thick and fast, or are, perhaps, working through a bonus, live dealer roulette can feel a little slow.

However, all in all, we have to say that live dealer roulette is a brilliant addition and well worth trying out. Some online casinos offer it on mobile, whilst also offering dedicated live dealer bonuses, so why not give it a try?

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