Can I Use a System to Win at Roulette?

Of all the casino games in existence, roulette is perhaps the one that attracts the most attention when it comes to betting systems. There is something about the game, its nature, that makes it susceptible to the belief that there is a way to beat it, a way to profit regularly from playing roulette, either at an online casino or in the real world. Here we take a look at some of the most popular roulette systems and assess if they have any merit and whether or not they can indeed be used to win at roulette.


The most famous roulette system and probably the most notorious gambling system around, Martingale, was devised in the 18th century in France and entails doubling your stake after a losing bet. Whilst it can be used on any bet with a roughly 50/50 chance of success, it is most famously associated with roulette, the theory being that no matter how many times in a row you lose, by doubling your stake next you will always return a profit of one unit when you do eventually win.

The major flaw is that unless you have a never-ending supply of money, infinite time and a casino with no limits, eventually a run of losses will wipe you out. Martingale is definitely not a system for roulette winners!

Oscars Grind

Where Martingale ups the stake after a loss, this system ups it when you win, the aim being to cash in on hot streaks.


Shotwell is a system that tries to give you a decent chance of winning by covering every area of the wheel. By covering a variety of numbers and groups of numbers the theory is that wherever the ball lands you have a chance of winning and by covering a decent amount of the table you have a one in four chance of hitting a number.

Roulette Systems Don’t Work

The problem with the three systems above and indeed any of the hundreds of systems out there is that they can’t get round two simple facts you must always remember about roulette. Firstly, what happened before doesn’t impact the odds of what will happen next. Secondly, whatever you bet on, the house edge – the casino’s advantage – remains the same and there is no way around that.

So, whilst systems may give you a fun way of playing and staking, NEVER, EVER buy one and NEVER think the system will make you rich. Only luck and great casino bonuses will do that!

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